Hospital Patient Testimonials (for Holistic Services including: Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Meditation, Guided Imagery & more)

"I was so relaxed, I forgot about my pain in my leg." (patient with acute and chronic pain in leg) 

"He was so agitated before and now he's quiet and relaxed, thank you." (wife of restless, confused & agitated patient in critical condition) 

"That was magical, I felt like I was floating." (post-surgical patient) 

"This stuff really helps, I fell asleep and had a dream during the session, you're really doing something meaningful..." (oncology patient) 

"This is always helpful, thank you so much for coming by today. At first, before the session started I felt a little out of it but now I fell stable and grounded, thank you." (critical care/ICU patient) 

"I felt a wave of coolness over my body from head to toe as you put your hands over my felt good, it was relaxing, thank you." (oncology patient) 

"It was like I was in a field of lilacs, and candle lights all over the room, I gently opened my eyes during the session and I noticed a lilac glow around you." (post-surgical patient) 

NYU Langone Medical Center Doctor's Testimonials for long-term hospital patient Melanie was seeing for months:

"Appreciate ongoing Integrative Health Consultation which the patient has found beneficial for anxiety."-NYU Doctor   

"Has felt much better mentally afterward. Would very much appreciate another visit."-NYU Doctor

"Melanie...we cannot thank you enough for the amazing sessions you led for us today. We know how valuable your time is and greatly appreciate you dedicating so much of it to care for us. It meant a lot to us and many who participated can't stop talking about how relaxing and therapeutic it was."-Kristen Randolph, RN, BSN, OCN, Nurse Clinician 

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