Best Life Enterprise, LLC 

Best Life Enterprise, LLC offers many different programs, services, resources, education, training and support to help you live your best life imagined.  We offer programs for stress and anxiety reduction, weight loss, skincare, cosmetics, nutritional rebalancing program, gut health, home IV therapy, multivitamin infusions, Health & Wellness Nurse Coaching, Reiki, finding your higher purpose and meaning in life, Facebook/Community support and much more!  Our Arbonne Products are organic, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty free and non-GMO. Consultations are always available to determine your goals and how we can help you; we would develop an individualized plan with you.


We're here to help you start living your BEST life!

-Are you feeling tired, sluggish? Stressed out, anxious or run down? 

-Are you looking to lose weight and slim down or tone up? 

-Do you want healthier, beautiful, smoother skin? 

-Are you struggling with acute or chronic pain, muscle tightness, soreness, aches in your body?

-Are you tired of your current life situation and ready for a change? 

-Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed in need of pampering & relaxation?

-Do you need guidance in your life with your spiritual, professional and personal goals?

-Are you and a sick family member in need of help at a hospital and could use advocacy, guidance, support & relaxation services from a healthcare professional?

-Are you interested in learning and/or experiencing how holistic medicine/integrative health practices such as meditation, Reiki, essential oils, relaxation breathing and mindfulness can change your life?

If you answered yes, to any of these-then you came to the right place, we can help you! 

Melanie Roxas, Founder of Best Life Enterprise, LLC 



Health & Wellness Nurse Coach, Holistic Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Empath, Intuitive, Sound Therapist



Melanie has been featured in Best Self Magazine, check out the article (issued 1/2019)   



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Let your unconditional happiness be untouched by the ever-changing nows."-Melanie Roxas


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